Customer Testimonials for NOLA Motorcars

“Car buying sucks. Or at least it used to. My car buying experience with Luke and NOLA Motorcars really made the entire process so simple. 95% of our car buying effort, to include my financing was done online. So, when I got to the dealership, we were literally in and out in 15 minutes. It was so easy that I almost felt UNEASY about it. I think that's because as consumers, we've been "trained" to be tortured throughout the ordeal. My uneasiness was unwarranted, however, and the process was totally hassle-free. We feel like we got a great deal and a great car. Luke was absolutely accommodating and has provided exceptional service after the sale. I highly recommend NOLA Motorcars to anyone in the market for a new luxury car.”

2016 Infiniti QX60

“What a great car buying experience. Alex created a relaxed and trusting environment. I came straight to NOLA Motorcars from a dealership where I test drove a vehicle I was interested in purchasing. The two could experiences could not be more different. I saved a ton of money on the purchase price with Alex. I finally encountered the rare occasion where you get more for your money. The car was detailed and even checked out by the manufacturer (on Alex's dime) before it was sold to me. All the manufacturer mechanic's paperwork was explained to me in layman's terms. I took it to an independent mechanic who confirmed what NOLA Motorcars had told me. The mechanic was even surprised by the low price. Great experience. Would go nowhere else from here on out.”

Adam S.
2014 Infiniti Q50

“I had the pleasure of purchasing a vehicle from Alex recently. After a lot of online research, and I mean a lot, I determined that Nola Motorcars had the most competitive price for the car I wanted. The vehicle was listed well below comparables in the area. After talking to Alex on the phone, I visited the showroom for a test drive. The vehicle was in great condition, and I could immediately tell that it was in very good hands. During the initial walk-around of the vehicle Alex was upfront about any minor cosmetic blemishes that can come with purchasing a previously owned vehicle. There was complete transparency throughout the process, which gave me peace of mind and made my decision to purchase from Nola Motorcars an easy one. Thanks again Alex for getting me in a great car, I hope that we get to do business again in the future.”

Brian B.
2013 Nissan Leaf

“After much researching online through the USAA car buying service, we ran across a 2014 Lexus ES350 going for considerably less than other comparables. They only deal with a handful of cars at a time, and keep them in a warehouse rather than a lot out in the sun, which is nice. Not only do I feel that I got a great deal, Alex was super nice and personable. I didn't feel like I was talking to a car dealer at all. He made the process as quick and painless as possible. If you're looking to buy a used car, I highly recommend checking out what NOLA Motorcars have in their warehouse before looking anywhere else.”

Chad C.
2014 Lexus ES350

“Completely unlike the usual car buying experience as we know it. In a very positive way. I wish I had known about this shop for my previous purchases, and hope to go back there in the future when need arises. Alex is a one man show, very professional, friendly and courteous, and not pushy. I am bad at haggling so don't do it, which is why I have bought Saturns in the past and have bought from internet sales departments at dealers. NOLA Motorcars bills itself as firm price also, so making a decision took less than 30 minutes, and I am very pleased with the car so far (2011 Nissan Leaf bought in early 2014, all electric, with 24,000 miles). I drive it every day of the week, and it has been a joy, plus head turner. I highly recommend NOLA Motorcars.”

Priyo M.
2011 Nissan Leaf

“NOLA Motorcars was the only place within 400 miles that actually had the car in stock that I really wanted, I went out had a look at it and was met by Luke, easy going not pushing a sale directly and we had a good car talk in general, I named the price I was ready to pay for it and left it like that. I received one call from Luke as expected and that was it, no cold calls on the deal etc, and after a couple of weeks I bought my vehicle there for a fair market price. If you find a car there you like, don't hesitate to drop by, I will certainly deal with them again, the transaction was fast and smooth.”

Bjarne H.
2014 BMW 328xi

“One of the best car buying experiences I've ever had. The price on the Maserati granturismo I bought was very fair and they gave me a fair trade value for my Bentley. Alex made everything exceptionally easy and i will definitely use them again in the future.”

Joe B.
2011 Maserati GranTurismo

“I bought a gorgeous car at a great price, and I could not be more pleased by the level of service and professionalism I received from the guys at NOLA Motorcars. First things first, the quality of the automobile I bought was unbelievable, and they keep all of their inventory indoors and it shows. Second, I was given a excellent, below market price, up front and without haggling. Finally, with regard to service, I've never had a better experience buying a car. Luke was my salesman, and I wholeheartedly agree with every other reviewer about how competent and easy to work with he is. I have no qualms about recommending them. I was very impressed, have stayed very happy, and I'm sure they will be my first call the next time I'm in the market.”

Jeremy G.
2011 BMW 328i

“Alex made buying a new car stress-free and simple at a price that was very fair to both of us. Even more, once the sale was finalized he continued great service and worked to assist me with some issues that arose with the car. I purchased an Audi from Alex after finding it online with a very reasonable price. The car was in great condition for its age and had been nicely detailed. The test drive, inspection, tire-kicking, negotiation (or thankfully, lack thereof), and sale was complete in just over an hour. Perfect. About a month after the sale, the amplifier failed due to a well documented issue with that specific generation of Audi. Even though the sale was final and as-is, Alex and Nola Motorcars helped me resolve the issue without even being asked. After purchasing the car and putting over 1000 miles in a month on the car, I then took it on a 3200+ mile roadtrip to the California coast. It performed beautifully the whole way. Reasonable and fair pricing. Transparent with all known issues and mechanical details on the car. Above and beyond support. Highly recommended business. I know where I will buy my next car, but sorry Alex I think this one will last me a while. :)”

Andy T.
2006 Audi A6

“The BMW M5 that I bought long distance from Alex has become a dream come true! My mechanic flew down from Ohio to check out the car and gave it two thumbs up. After overcoming some hiccups on our end, I would give the entire experience 5 stars. Alex is knowledgeable, courteous, and went way out of the way to be accommodating. He does indeed answer the phone and corresponds as needed via e-mail. For a quality upscale car, I would highly recommend NOLA Motorcars.”

George S.
2001 BMW M5

“I am stickler for research and finding best deals online. When I saw price of 2009 Toyota Highlander on this site, I thought "uh oh, something is up..." Too good to be true kind of price! I called Alex, set up appointment to meet him (I instantly liked that he was appointment only!) with my girlfriend, Shannon (who was actually buying the car.) Alex was easy going, not salesey (important for me being a salesman...) and very easy to deal. The car was perfectly and very thoroughly detailed, a big plus. He was direct just like me and when told the price we'd pay, he was negotiable and we did the deal. He even went above and beyond in many ways, including going on Geico's website and helping us get a new insurance quote. Thanks Alex, and we will be referring business to you (even if you are a Tulane grad.. Geaux Tigers!)”

Jeff M.
2009 Toyota Highlander

“I had a great experience purchasing a MINI from Nola Motorcars. We drove in from Austin, which could have been risky not being familiar with the dealership, but Alex made the whole transaction very easy and was pleasant to work with. The no haggle pricing is so reasonable I wouldn't have felt the need to haggle anyway. He has a great selection of cars too with very helpful photos online that make long distance purchasing easier. We traded in a car and Alex was able to match a quote I got locally. I asked to have the car checked out and he took it to a shop I chose. I love the car and having a perfect buying experience makes it that much more enjoyable. I've been meaning to write this for awhile because I bought the car over a year ago, but better late than never! I'd highly recommend buying a car from Nola Motorcars.”

Beth C.
2015 Mini Cooper