Meet the Staff of NOLA Motorcars

Alex Katz

504-722-2232 - NOLA Motorcars was founded by Alex Katz. Alex is passionate about cars - some might even say he is obsessed. From his earliest days, his memories and those of his family members are entwined with the delight he found in everything that had to do with vehicles. Whether it was pushing his hot wheels cars around the floor of his room for hours on end, spending time in the driveru2019s seat of his familyu2019s cars when they were parked as he handled every knob and dial, or observing the distinguishing features of every car he saw, Alex was focused on some aspect of automobiles. Instead of reading books like other children, he read only car magazines u2013 studying every detail of every model and his favorite show was (and still is) Motorweek. While most kids sat at home collecting baseball cards, Alex collected license plates. Alex has been training for his career for his entire life. Alex is now living his dream of running his own auto brokerage. Every step he has taken in his education and career has prepared him for this goal. He obtained his Bacheloru2019s degree in Business from the A. B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana with a specialty in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. While in school, he worked as a valet parker for the Ritz-Carlton Hotels and as a private chauffeur for hotel guests. Upon graduation, he secured a position with a luxury auto broker. He started out taking photos for their website, but before long he was buying inventory for them and other dealers in the region. Alex enjoys combining his passion, his business school teachings, and his real world experience to provide you with a superior experience when choosing the gently pre-owned automobile of your dreams. His goal is to match each buyer with the perfect car for his or her needs and price point while delivering superior personalized customer service. Originally from Miami, Florida, Alex fell in love with the city of New Orleans like so many other Tulanians and cannot imagine living anywhere else. He lives near Tulane with his wife Erin Luft Katz, a local dentist (both a Tulane and LSU alum), their 2 kids.

Kelly Lewis

985-710-3489 - Kelly Lewis is a native of Slidell, LA. He went to LSU where he studied Political Science, then moved to New Orleans to follow his passion as a car enthusiast, working for a small luxury auto brokerage in 2013. He moved back to Slidell in 2017 and lives with his partner Christina and their two sons Ethan (16), Drew (9). Kelly enjoys being outdoors with his golden doodle Verdell, and spending time with family and friends. Kelly joined Alex at NOLA Motorcars in 2018.